Panorama of the Cerralia Empire and Beauton Palace


I’m incredibly proud of what I have accomplished so far. Currently working on the expansion of the palace. Right now it’s big but my gosh is it going to be HUGE! The Beauton Palace is just one of two palaces I have in mind currently for construction. The Beauton Palace is right near the Capital city of Vernas. While the other one in mind will out in the ocean on a island archipelago I found. You could say it’s a escape place if anything happens to the Beauton Palace. Preview 4 coming up !


Avornia Kingdom Hits 5,000 downloads!


One of my sadly abandoned projects (for now) has hit over 5,474 or so at this moment downloads with 4.5 ratings. It’s my most downloaded world ever surpassing my extinct TarzanJungleAdventure. This has caused me to maybe start working on that project. But with the Cerralia Empire taking so much time I don’t know if that’ll happen anytime soon. Cheers for Avornia!




(Since this takes place in the cold icy world while my Cerralia Empire takes place in the tropics, it just might be a more dangerous adventure) 🙂

UPDATE:In less or around 24 Hours downloads have hit over 7,240. If it hits 10,000 I’ll be glad to update (:

Bigger = Better? Beauton Palace Update

I’m starting my expansion plans for the Beauton palace which is the royal household for the Beauton Royal ruling family of the Cerralia Empire. It’s already big but I’m expanding it and making it better. A short history of the Beauton palace: the world was created last year 2013 as a adventure originally to rescue a princess held captive my a separatist group called the Extravengalists who wants to separate from the empire. Long before its current state I had a small manor made of marble and already had accomplished the main building of the palace you can say, sadly circumstances prevented me from ever saving the completed manor and completed main part that all of that was lost forever. The only retained progress saved was the gardens of the palace. Recently starting last month I reopened the tragic map of my adventure to rebuilt it in a new image. So far progress has been steady and I’m saving every other day in case anything tragic happens again. Here is the current state of the expansion. Work is currently also happening in the farmlands which will now be a combination of farms, ranches, and the poorest poverty stricken citizens of the empire so be prepared for dirty mucky crowded streets with buildings atop of each other and dark streets below. Pictures:




Cerralia Update: Palace too small?

Personally I’m thinking of making the Cerralia Palace which will now be called Beauton Palace bigger. After seeing lots of minecrafts castles, some absolutely mind blowing, mine just looks puny in comparison. Here’s a comparison of my palace with its surroundings. The popular castle world in the community centers castle is 54 blocks tall last time I counted with my palace being taller by 3 blocks. But even then looking at other castles mine feels somewhat lacking :/: picture


Cerralia: Farmlands update

Progress has been steady in regards to the farmlands of my Cerralia Empire world. I have successfully finished or for the most part near an end to completing my first ranch owned by the Morvali family that live in the farmlands. My idea in regards to the huge plot of land that is the farmlands is have small farms to medium- large ranches across the plot of land owned by variety of families pillaging for an exclusive businessman who has a manor in the farmlands who owns the plot of land. Aka all these ranchers/farmers live off the land of a wealthy man for the most part. So far I’ve completed one ranch which is rather large for the most part with cattle, horses, fish etc. It’s rather large. Once I’m done with the farmlands time to finish the Palace and then the city of Cerralia shall be in progress. Beta Preview 3 coming soon.



CerraliaEmpire Update: Farmlands Begin

For now I’ve taken a break on my massive palace and have started work on the farms! The farm area is where the food is grown for the Cerralian City and for the palace. The farms are near the palace and on the outskirts on the city itself. Various farms roam the area with huge spaces of farms. Included in the area are horses and beards of cows aka domesticated animals are also located here. Here is a farmhouse I’ve completed already. Do know that every building is unique and different in its own way 🙂