CerraliaEmpire Update

Winter break has come a bit early for me this year which leaves me plenty of time to work on my Empire build. Currently I’m building quickly with hopefully a 1.00 release by Christmas. I’m currently in the process of MAYBE releasing a successor beta build in the community to my current one which as of now has gotten 51 downloads and has a 5 star rating. Progress shown below of the current situation of the construction of the Cerralia Palace from different visibility points.




I will update this post if I do release an updated beta in the community center. Kudos, KyleVPirate (:


4 thoughts on “CerraliaEmpire Update

    • Thank you. I started building it again last week. I once had a different structure in its place a long time ago when I had my nexus 7 2013 last year but the latest was lost when my tablet broke :(. I had to begin with an early build I had saved in the Dropbox.

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