CerraliaEmpire Update: Farmlands Begin

For now I’ve taken a break on my massive palace and have started work on the farms! The farm area is where the food is grown for the Cerralian City and for the palace. The farms are near the palace and on the outskirts on the city itself. Various farms roam the area with huge spaces of farms. Included in the area are horses and beards of cows aka domesticated animals are also located here. Here is a farmhouse I’ve completed already. Do know that every building is unique and different in its own way 🙂





2 thoughts on “CerraliaEmpire Update: Farmlands Begin

  1. I’m trying to build medieval style too. But I can never get my windmills to turn out. Yours looks great! As well as that house. I think it’s the texture I’m using, there were no solid white blocks, so I settled for birch wood. It just doesn’t look as good as yours. But you’re a much better builder than me so I’m not surprised 🙂

    • Aw thank you for the compliment (:
      I’m sure you have a great style of building, everyone has their own unique way.
      If you’d like i could make instructions on how to build my current versions of windmills.

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