Cerralia: Farmlands update

Progress has been steady in regards to the farmlands of my Cerralia Empire world. I have successfully finished or for the most part near an end to completing my first ranch owned by the Morvali family that live in the farmlands. My idea in regards to the huge plot of land that is the farmlands is have small farms to medium- large ranches across the plot of land owned by variety of families pillaging for an exclusive businessman who has a manor in the farmlands who owns the plot of land. Aka all these ranchers/farmers live off the land of a wealthy man for the most part. So far I’ve completed one ranch which is rather large for the most part with cattle, horses, fish etc. It’s rather large. Once I’m done with the farmlands time to finish the Palace and then the city of Cerralia shall be in progress. Beta Preview 3 coming soon.




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