TarzanJungleAdventure :-)

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/7facyyd762kgx20/TarzanJungleAd.scworld?dl=0?dl=1 : I have found a fully completed build of one of my old worlds and one of my most popular. The link is above. Rate 5 stars if you enjoy it :-). It’s also been recently uploaded into the community center so be sure to look there as well. I’ve modified it and tweaked it a bit but it’s the same classic map that once swayed several thousand downloads in the community center 2 years ago! Be very careful going at night, I can’t even beat it and I made it haha!

Who’s ready to venture in the jungle



City commences :-)

With mansions, wide boulevard tree lined streets, parks, cathedrals, churches, apartment buildings, city hall, parliament, etc. it’ll going be one to behold.

Greetings from Cerralia :-]

A new dawn is rising.

BeautifulMarblePalace out in the Community Center

My Beauton Palace (name might change) is out in the community center under the name of Beautiful Marble Palace where it has gained 176 downloads and complete 5/5 stars. I’m very proud and I’m quickly trying to finish it. But HA, that’ll take about a month for the earliest since it’s incredibly detailed and I’m not even close to half of it but so far here are some current pictures of it.

As you can see it’s already massive and it’s no where near half completed, that’s how big it is. As I’ve stated before, it could possibly be the biggest SC Palace.


Here are pictures of the inner courtyard, not bad if you ask me. I’m quickly trying to build the walls and outside of the current massive dual twin buildings where I’ll worried about the inside later. I’ve still got the third area of the palace left. You can call it a palace within a palace, where the Royal family dwell.

Once this area is finished ill would’ve finished the back of the palace. I’ve yet to even start the front or entrance of the palace. As you can see it’s like three different palaces or one big huge city. I’m trying to garner the massive and elegance that real palaces have. Equate their majesty and beauty at the same time (:. Once I’ve completed this palace I’ll start on the city which will border this palace. It’ll be the biggest cities out of three I have thought of building so far. It’ll have everything from, a cathedral, opera house, hotels, mansions, docks, poverty stricken areas, parks, squares, etc all bundled up in a medieval style, classical, Renaissance, steam punk styled world surrounding by deep treacherous jungle. More updates coming soon (:.

I give you the largest Survivalcraft Palace


Whether it is I don’t know since even from the large Elwsyr I could not find a palace as large as the one I proudly present. The Apx Palace I believe it’s called is big no doubt but it’s dwarves in comparison to my Beauton Palace. It’s taken me nearly a month to accomplish I what I have so far. Give or take another and I’ll be finished with it if circumstances don’t go awry as some have like the dreaded glitch of lines that appear. My world is currently 55 megabytes thanks to the palace alone! With 3 city and a TWO more Palace/Castles coming up! This is going to rank with the great ones if I do say so myself. I’ve completed a library as well below the throne room which is rather large. Link is coming up :). Look for it in the Community center or here. Enjoy 🙂

Phase 2 of the Beauton Palace beings

Phase 1 of the Beauton Paalce has pretty much been completed, exterior wise for the most part. Part 1’includes the throne room, private dining room for high guests including nobles, foreign leaders etc, a massive library, male and female specific bathing rooms as well as dorms for the Palace Royal guard division of the Cerralian State Armed Forces close to the throne room in case of attacks, some rooms exclusively for guests, as well as a small kitchen exclusively for Phase 1 part of the palace. Including 2 almost equal small royal Gardens used in diplomatic meetings, and A Warlock Tower now abandoned after magic was vanquished. Etc. All in all, a most diplomatic, political based side of the palace. Phase 2 will include more gardens, and the royal living courters of the Royal family and the servants of the palace with another library, another dining area, kitchen, and guest bedrooms with more bath houses as well as a nice fountain, statues, and a Royal dock leading out into the ocean. Here is the layout!


Reverted back to 30th of December

Reverting my Cerralia Empire to an earlier built to escape the horrible glitches that are infesting my Beauton Palace. During then and now, I’ve made tremendous strides in the construction of the palace but alas I’ll rather take a earlier slightly more unfinished built then one infected with those lines :/. This time I’ll be more careful not to overdue anything in the throne room. I’ll post that built soon if anyone is curious to know how it looks like.