Phase 2 of the Beauton Palace beings

Phase 1 of the Beauton Paalce has pretty much been completed, exterior wise for the most part. Part 1’includes the throne room, private dining room for high guests including nobles, foreign leaders etc, a massive library, male and female specific bathing rooms as well as dorms for the Palace Royal guard division of the Cerralian State Armed Forces close to the throne room in case of attacks, some rooms exclusively for guests, as well as a small kitchen exclusively for Phase 1 part of the palace. Including 2 almost equal small royal Gardens used in diplomatic meetings, and A Warlock Tower now abandoned after magic was vanquished. Etc. All in all, a most diplomatic, political based side of the palace. Phase 2 will include more gardens, and the royal living courters of the Royal family and the servants of the palace with another library, another dining area, kitchen, and guest bedrooms with more bath houses as well as a nice fountain, statues, and a Royal dock leading out into the ocean. Here is the layout!



30 thoughts on “Phase 2 of the Beauton Palace beings

  1. If so.. Im currently working on a little sandbox rpg style world. Whats included in it is parkour, mini quests , massive cities and some history. Im currently working on the second city but most of the world is almost furnished and polished. I guess im askin (if you have experience in rpg type maps) for some tips.

  2. Yea i just took a look at your work.. And my work has nothing on your massive landmarks. I like the fact that you didnt build such massive detailed creations on a superflat world. It would seem kinda cheap. But yea cant compare to your stuff

    • Thank you. I don’t like building on flat terrains. I love the lakes and rivers with the many hills in the normal terrain. Gives a world more realism than the flat terrain one. I have a flat terrain one all sand to make a Egyptian style world where I myself create the terrain but I didn’t like it. I’ll always love the naturalism of the actual terrain world.

      • Haha well can not wait. I’m not even close to being done with my 1st Palace let alone the 3 cities I’m planing to build plus the story and adventure type RPG. I guess both of us have lots of work to do.

      • Thank you very much for the compliment haha, I dislike boasting as I believe we all have an incredible imagination with our own uniqueness. Personally I think its going to take about a year to finish everything depending on how much Im playing the game. Currently I haven’t been on lately since I’m seeing Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood :P.

  3. Thats a new way to think of it. As many days and ideas ive put into just this one map, i always feel it could be even better somehow. I was thinking i was doing some good work until i saw your impressive build, made me realize my blockitechture could use some work. But ill make sure to keep you or whoever reads my stuff up to date on it .

    • Excellent haha and I feel that same way when I look at the incredible Minecraft worlds/castles/palaces/cities. We all gain inspiration and a push for expanding our own knowledge and improve our own constructing.

  4. Have you seen the community world by the name of “lost cities”? Idk who the origanl builder is but its really really detailed. All it needs is a decent story and rpg element and it could be one the best in the box

      • I was thinking the same, search bar would be helpful. When i saw the city and explored i found a wind mill that looks like yours. Haha i mean this place is massive but a little smaller building than your palace. Beside their castle thats huge and detailed.

      • Aw do you mean the world by the name of Castle on the community center? With a marble castle a massive church, opera building, big hotel etc? With a river running through by the name of victory

      • Yup I know what world you are referring to. Beautiful world, I’ve taken inspiration from it haha. I love it! Very beautiful and I have it as well. In fact I’ve measured that castle with my palace and found that my palace is taller by 3 blocks at 57 blocks while the castle in that world is 54 blocks tall haha. I think it fits nicely in the center of mine haha.

      • That literally had me lol for real haha and yea it is a marvelous city. My three cities will be bigger than that city, I want it to be a huge huge metropolis inspired by both classical Rome and Greek cultures mixed with Florence and Venice with a flare of Middle Ages. Somewhat between a transition of classical beauty to the dark ages.

      • Seems well thought out. My cities are just decent sized. But it fits since i pit in the ladder parkour. One slip and you die haha. I had 3 cities in mind but to make the story a little better i made one city a ghost town and made it look all busted up and worn torn. But you have it right

      • Right now I don’t have a story in mind but I’m thinking it’ll be about morality haha. Of course cities and buildings won’t be the only thing, I’m also working on the landscape and the terrain. Building deep impenetrable jungle which will play a huge role. I might even throw a lost city amidst the forest, even some ruins under the ocean. Can’t wait to see my world unfold slowly and readily. I take my time.

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