Reverted back to 30th of December

Reverting my Cerralia Empire to an earlier built to escape the horrible glitches that are infesting my Beauton Palace. During then and now, I’ve made tremendous strides in the construction of the palace but alas I’ll rather take a earlier slightly more unfinished built then one infected with those lines :/. This time I’ll be more careful not to overdue anything in the throne room. I’ll post that built soon if anyone is curious to know how it looks like.



2 thoughts on “Reverted back to 30th of December

  1. That sucks. It still looks amazing though. I noticed you placed a lot of torches in one area on the previous world. I don’t know much about stuff like that, but I heard lots of torches in one area causes problems. Not sure if it meant the kind of problems you were having though.

    • That could be somewhat of a catalyst. I usually place lots of torches for light when constructing buildings. I’m going to remove a majority, that area was supposed to be a library but alas I’ll have to move it somewhere else.

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