Minecraft Kingdom reaches 45,000 downloads


My Minecraft Kingdom has reached over 45,000+ downloads and counting. I’ve never thought it’ll reach this magnitude. I’m proud if I say so myself. I’ve said I would continue construction again if it reached 10,000 or so and my my how it’s surpassed that by a long shot. Maybe if it reaches 100,000 with its current rating I might consider 😉


8 thoughts on “Minecraft Kingdom reaches 45,000 downloads

    • Lol kind of true but I’ve never had any world reach this magnitude before so while not up the game lol. Maybe 75,000 or so idk. That world has been practically abandoned by me since last year when I started working on my Empire build once again, and since that world will basically will be a massive world with cities, palaces, castles, jungles, lost cities, sunken cities etc, it’s going to be HUGE and its taking time from any other world. I’ll think about it lol

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