TarzanJungleAdventure :-)

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/7facyyd762kgx20/TarzanJungleAd.scworld?dl=0?dl=1 : I have found a fully completed build of one of my old worlds and one of my most popular. The link is above. Rate 5 stars if you enjoy it :-). It’s also been recently uploaded into the community center so be sure to look there as well. I’ve modified it and tweaked it a bit but it’s the same classic map that once swayed several thousand downloads in the community center 2 years ago! Be very careful going at night, I can’t even beat it and I made it haha!

Who’s ready to venture in the jungle



7 thoughts on “TarzanJungleAdventure :-)

  1. I love this map! Looking forward to a part 2! So sad that no one puts any work in their maps any more. 😦
    Good job and once again, this map is an extremely good rpg/adventure.

    • Thank you, i gots lots of ideas planned for part two.
      Some ideas include a lost city sunken in the ocean and a lost city in the depths of the jungles,
      I’m even thinking of incorporating it in my Cerralia world where it’ll be like an outpost or colony, somewhat of a reboot. And it is sad that these days the community center is littered with maps that aren’t exactly up to par :/, One being spacecity and it just being a large floating room at night with lots of electronics with a lava ocean. Nothing spectacular :/.

      • You probably know this, but you are one of the few builders who can make somethimg a 10. While I, am just about above average. If you need help on your maps I would love to be of assistance even though you make me look like a new player. Here, you can be the judge:

        I really hope the link works if it doesn’t well.. I hope you like the build! If you go on top of the wall you will be able to see the terrace tops better. And there is a ruined castle in the hill. It is not done yet, but please tell me what you think!

      • I’m very impressed by your world and thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it :-). I love the entrance to your city with the lovely wooden bridge, very impressed by that. Loved your unfinished arena which reminded me of the Colosseum, very impressed by its size and its not even finished yet! And I enjoyed the ruined part of the castle, loved how you incorporated missing stones here and their with some part of the floors higher than the other, really enjoyed the ruined, especially that wooden table underneath with some of it missing! And I would LOVE the help. Sometimes I even wonder if I should ask some players for help because my map feels to immense for me. For one example being my Beauton Palace, it’s already big and huge and gigantic etc yet I’m nowhere near completing it. Especially when I have two other castles and palaces to go and I’m barely starting one city out of three while still not finishing completing the jungles and ruins everywhere lol. I’m be happy for the help and very good city you have their :-), I’m curious about the plans you have for it.

  2. Thank-you! I want to expand the city as far to the collesium, and when thats done, add some slums in the marshlands. I am also making a tunnel system that should spread all over the world. And eventually I will add a port. As for you, you certainly have your work cut out for you! Lol if you need assistance in a large build just message me. I’ll be posting a link to Nineveh on my blog every month or so if you would like to follow my progress. 😀

    • Just to let you know: I am know where NEAR the skill level capable of building something like you have for featured images. (I wish ;)) So I probably could help outline something, or build some houses. But I am improving! I am experimenting with Nineveh to see my boundrys. so let me know!

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