Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Trailer

Here is the video link for Batman v Superman shown at comic can last year uploaded on Dailymotion. Video is 480p but it is view able, not the best quality but nonetheless you can feel the grandeur and awesomeness of the movie. The video starts in a desolate and very grimy, raining night on a rooftop in Gotham with Batman taking off a cover revealing the Bat Signal underneath, turning it on we seen Superman hovering where the light is shining. Soon his eyes glow red and we see Batmans eyes also start glowing white with a ferocious drums banging in the background for a epic fight that surely is in store. Movie will come out in March of 2016. I just had to post this since its one of my most anticipated movie, plus my blog is heavily invested in Survivalcraft and I wanna change that up a bit and post more off topic content like movies/books and the like.


5 thoughts on “Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Trailer

      • Right man right! I just loved in man of steel how legit it would feel if there really was some superhuman being on earth how scared humans would be for we wouldn’t understand the concept of anything being more powerful/intelligent than the ol’ human race ha

      • I can’t wait to see Ben Afflecks Batman, judging from the teaser it looks fierce. I wonder if Green Arrow will ever see an adaptation since this is Dawn of Justice with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and allot of other DC characters already have actors chosen to play them. Stephen Amell would be awesome lol, he already plays Arrow

      • Yea I heard once they get all the intro movies out for the dc characters the justice league movie will be in the works. Like the avengers.. I honestly can’t wait either for Ben afflecks take on it.

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