Im currently expanding and continuing my Minecraft Kingdom. It’s garnered as off right now an unprecedented 69,596 and counting downloads since being uploaded December 12 of 2014. I’m building a new city right by the current cities I already have completed which will also be expanded upon. I am also starting to add quests to the world. No idea what the adventure will be about but it won’t be easy ;). The kingdom is in war so I’ll add some destroyed cities and burning buildings, if people didnt know on a hill lies an actual cannon to fire away. I’ll incorporate that on the war and to the adventure some how. I’ll also start construction of a smaller kingdom that’s an ally to the Arnovia City States. Here are some pictures.

^ Here is a panorama of the City States.

^ Here we have another view and you can see some new buildings 🙂 and a trademark on the ocean which says @KyleVPirate WordPress in order to highlight that I built this and highlight my blog where I update and share new worlds that I have created lol. *Don’t judge me lol, I’ve had people steal my work before and state they build it >.< ~>


When this uploads to the community center it will be named MinecraftKingdom2 for anyone interested. Hopefully it’ll be successful. Right now I’ve stopped work on my Marble Palace and Cerralia Empire. I need to get my head in the game for that world, and of course I am starting work on new worlds and expanding my popular ones like my Tarzan Jungle Adventure and my Minecraft Kingdom which prevents me from working on it. I’ll update soon!


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