Progress on my Minecraft Kingdom update is going smoothly. I quickly finishing up the third city which will include a really small poor district, several rather large houses and a small Mansion :-). Other buildings include various restaurants and stores. I will post a blog comparing before and after of the progress I have completed vs what was already when I uploaded Minecraft Kingdom aka Arnovia “Kingdom”. Here are several shots of what I’ve finished already.

^ Here we have a view from the cannon I have on a little hill close to the Arnovia City States. As you can see, any familiar with my Kingdom can see new buildings have been built including an in progress mansion.

^ Here we have a bigger view and a better view of the new buildings. I have also built new buildings to the city of Narask.

After finishing Frycry which is the new city I’m building.
I will work on a smaller kingdom close to the Arnovia Kingdom, as some people know their is a bridge that leads to a forest which finishes at a somewhat circular lake with an island in the center. That is where the new Kingdom will be build. After that I will built a story for the game.
Stay tuned 🙂


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