Cerralia Update: Clocktower Update Perhaps 

I have not posted anything in quite some time. I’ve been busy in the real world haha but I have done some things in the Cerralia Empire including several nifty clocktowers, which starting in my Avornia Kingdom aka MinecraftKingdomV2

For the city specifically, I have completed a nice little Clocktower that isn’t so little incorporating old fashion architecture when a nice classical twist. Incorporating some Steam punk architecture to the mix. Whatever I was originally planning, of having a classical themed world or Victorian or Medieval is out haha. 

^Here is the Clocktower. Very reminiscent of the one in my Minecraft Kingdom I say so myself. Both are very similar, but different. 
^ I also have built a little prison near the docks in the old section of the city near the old Clocktower haha where you can see as well as two other ones in the background! 
Believe or not I have also worked on my Beauton Palace which has long been abandoned haha after working on the city for so long. Here is it’s very own Clocktower known as the Beauton, plain and simple :-). Like the new one in the city and the one in the Avornia Kingdom, they all incorporate the same time of architecture.
Overall things are moving slowly. I’m not much into the game anymore so idk how progress will from now on. 


16 thoughts on “Cerralia Update: Clocktower Update Perhaps 

  1. Looks very nice. I’ve attempted to make a clock tower before (it was certainly not as impressive as yours) and I’m quite curious how you did the time. For me, I just used a photodiode and a NOT gate and only had 2 times in the day. I would’ve liked a better solution.

    I totally understand losing interest in the game. I have been playing it off and on for the last few years. At one time I was actually debating uninstalling the game since I had basically lost all interest. But it comes and goes. Right now I’m more occupied with making the site than actually playing the game itself. It’s quite sad, I haven’t played the game merely for the enjoyment in over 3 months…

    If you do leave I guarantee you’ll be coming back to the game yet again, once you’re inspired by a cool new feature Kaalus plans to add 😀

    • Lol no worries, I do love long comments lol :P.
      Regarding my Clocktower, it’s very generic honestly. It only moves back and forth repeatedly between 3 o clock and 9 o clock. It’s very simple honestly, I could give you or show a picture of the internals lol. I do not want to go really complex and actually a real moving clock, now that’ll be something lol. And I see, well the site looks good! Keep up the good work! I haven’t posted anything in the forums yet and I could post some of my links haha like this one for starters :P. And I know that feeling, sometimes you play so much you loose interest. It’s comes and goes :-/.

      • Oh, ok. That’s what mine did too. 3 was day, 9 was night. But in reality 3 could be 3 am which is dark, and 9 could be 9 am which is light. Ah well. I wish one of the awesome electricians would make a functional clock tower. Maybe I’ll suggest it.

        Thanks 🙂 Been putting lots of work into it and I think it’s worth it. Gives me something to do besides watch cat videos on YouTube lol! 😀

      • Now a real functional working clock tower would be spectacular and very impressive! And gotta love those cat videos! How’s your Youtubing* going along? You should incorporate both Go Survivalcraft site and your Youtube, although Go Survivalcraft does have an official Youtube of what I’ve seen 😛

      • It would.

        I have been very distracted by the site, working on animation, etc. Plus Jonathan and Alex have been extremely busy and we haven’t had time to Skype in a while. I’d love to get back into doing youtube during the summer.

        I don’t think it would be a good idea to incorporate my YouTube with Go Survivalcraft since I post many things besides Survivalcraft videos there.

        I am rather undecided on this though. If I make a Survivalcraft let’s play do I post it on Go Survivalcraft or on my account? Will people subscribe to my account if I post my SC videos on the other channel? …I have some thinking to do.

  2. Your Dropbox work fine? I can share Stanimus’s electric tutorial / world aimed at helping people improve their adventure maps. Mainly advanced stuff, even says not for beginners. I got some good ideas there myself.
    ANYWAYS… My point is that I’m 95% sure he has a working clock. (Hour and minute hands, not digital)
    Otherwise it is on the forums somewhere I forget. Hhmmm… Oh, I found it. – SC forums then – Survivalcraft electrics and like the 8th one down “Adventure map elements” BY: Stanimus. Or I can send it to you ether way. GL!! 🙂

  3. Also just yesterday I wrote down on my list of possible buildings to build on one of my projects. A town hall but mix it up with a large tower connected for a clock or bell. So let me know if that works for you. Maybe I need a sundial LOL… It is medieval themed… But I’m adding a steam punk feel and style to it so I could get away with the clock. 🙂

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