Randomly I placed a block and out it grew into a full fledged manor πŸ™‚ which spawned a new town. Currently in my Cerralia world I am building a small town a few chunks of blocks away from my capital city. So far I’ve got a small manor with a garden and a gazebo with a small market place. It won’t be too big. It’ll be a miniature little pueblo you can say haha. It’ll utilize medieval/Gothic like architecture (truth be told who knows haha). Some pictures

^ Back side of the manor. I really love this building. Similar to my small church orphanage complex in the city. The house has three balconies so plenty of outdoorsy views right from indoors. Looks rather menacing don’t you think?

^ Side view of the manor with its gardens visible and the market/gazebo complex in the foreground

^ Close up of the market and gazebo.

^ Here lies the front of the manor with some extending gardens. A rather old picture it doesn’t incorporate the side gardens with pumpkins and wheat as seen in the side view picture (picture 2) but regardless gives a nice look at the entrance.
I don’t know the size of the town yet but I’m thinking a good sized town with potentially a larger bigger manor or even a smallish castle overlord overlooking the town on a nearby hill. So far I like how it’s looking :). I’m actually thinking of having the user start their adventure in this town when I’ve finished this world and have created an adventure/story. Instead of starting on the ship one starts in now when entering or starting Cerralia. Hope you guys like it.


26 thoughts on “New Town & Starting Point?

  1. Beautiful as always! Im guessing you’re having trouble with geometry limit… The best thing kaalus can do for builders would be increasing geometry limit:(

    Btw i cant find your world in cc – did you deleted it?

    • Oh I know. The geometry limit is tedious. I had it once on my Palace but thankfully I went on a deleting spree sadly to make the lines go away. I’ve but all abandoned my Palace because the more I add the more those lines appear and no both of my new worlds are up there except you can not download them because Dropbox has reach it’s limit for downloading haha. I can give you a link if you want. A newer version than the one in the cc

  2. I’ve had it happen to me twice, the first time was bad. I made a video of it cause it resembled a tornado. Second time it was just normal geo spikes, deleted some stuff on the building and it stopped.

    Sry, just getting your reply Kyle… I’ll message you again.

  3. The link is not working for me. It looks cool, and I want to download it. Could you maybe upload another link? Thanks, and you are amazing.

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