Cerralia Update: Clocktower Update Perhaps 

I have not posted anything in quite some time. I’ve been busy in the real world haha but I have done some things in the Cerralia Empire including several nifty clocktowers, which starting in my Avornia Kingdom aka MinecraftKingdomV2

For the city specifically, I have completed a nice little Clocktower that isn’t so little incorporating old fashion architecture when a nice classical twist. Incorporating some Steam punk architecture to the mix. Whatever I was originally planning, of having a classical themed world or Victorian or Medieval is out haha. 

^Here is the Clocktower. Very reminiscent of the one in my Minecraft Kingdom I say so myself. Both are very similar, but different. 
^ I also have built a little prison near the docks in the old section of the city near the old Clocktower haha where you can see as well as two other ones in the background! 
Believe or not I have also worked on my Beauton Palace which has long been abandoned haha after working on the city for so long. Here is it’s very own Clocktower known as the Beauton, plain and simple :-). Like the new one in the city and the one in the Avornia Kingdom, they all incorporate the same time of architecture.
Overall things are moving slowly. I’m not much into the game anymore so idk how progress will from now on. 


City commences :-)

With mansions, wide boulevard tree lined streets, parks, cathedrals, churches, apartment buildings, city hall, parliament, etc. it’ll going be one to behold.

Greetings from Cerralia :-]

A new dawn is rising.

I give you the largest Survivalcraft Palace


Whether it is I don’t know since even from the large Elwsyr I could not find a palace as large as the one I proudly present. The Apx Palace I believe it’s called is big no doubt but it’s dwarves in comparison to my Beauton Palace. It’s taken me nearly a month to accomplish I what I have so far. Give or take another and I’ll be finished with it if circumstances don’t go awry as some have like the dreaded glitch of lines that appear. My world is currently 55 megabytes thanks to the palace alone! With 3 city and a TWO more Palace/Castles coming up! This is going to rank with the great ones if I do say so myself. I’ve completed a library as well below the throne room which is rather large. Link is coming up :). Look for it in the Community center or here. Enjoy 🙂

Panorama of the Cerralia Empire and Beauton Palace


I’m incredibly proud of what I have accomplished so far. Currently working on the expansion of the palace. Right now it’s big but my gosh is it going to be HUGE! The Beauton Palace is just one of two palaces I have in mind currently for construction. The Beauton Palace is right near the Capital city of Vernas. While the other one in mind will out in the ocean on a island archipelago I found. You could say it’s a escape place if anything happens to the Beauton Palace. Preview 4 coming up !

Cerralia Update: Palace too small?

Personally I’m thinking of making the Cerralia Palace which will now be called Beauton Palace bigger. After seeing lots of minecrafts castles, some absolutely mind blowing, mine just looks puny in comparison. Here’s a comparison of my palace with its surroundings. The popular castle world in the community centers castle is 54 blocks tall last time I counted with my palace being taller by 3 blocks. But even then looking at other castles mine feels somewhat lacking :/: picture