Version 1.0.1 of Cerralia released in community

Version 1.0.1 of my Cerralian Empire is released in the community under the name of LargeCityV1.0.1. This is what version 1.0.1 contain:

  • A partially finished palace otherwise known as the Beauton Palace
  • Partially completed part of the Cerralian capital city of Rhine which include:
    • 1 completely mansion: Petravali Manor
    • 1 partially completed RothsDaniel Mansion
    • 1 unfinished mansion
    • 2 shops including a restaurant and a flower shop
    • 6 completed smaller homes including the restaurant and shop
    • a unfinished Amari Hotel
    • A pier with a ship in it’s docks and 2 cranes
    • One old clocktower and lighthouse
    • 2 Hot air balloons
    • 1 Obelisk
  • A farmland area including
    • RothsDaniel family Ranch which includes two homes and a barn
    • A windmill
    • Wilson family manor on the beach
    • A small farm with a barn and small house

Here is the direct link for the download:

Here are some images where you can see the new builds:


^Lighthouse in the background. Clocktower close up with a hot air balloon and the dock in the foreground. All located in the old district of the city


^Closer look at the ships and pier including the two cranes.


^the massive scope of the palace. Even one person has limitations.

Enjoy version 1.0.1 lol. It does not have allot of things yet but it’s very detailed and every building will be fully furnished livable,patience is a virtue. Rome wasn’t built in a day haha.


The City of Rhine

The capital city of the Cerralian Empire name is official. Introducing the city of Rhine. By far it’ll be the largest city in the Empire, it’ll stretch from the ocean inward with different factions. If anybody remembers my farmland area, the poor and less fortunate will be enclosed there surrounded on three sides by water separating the poor district from the wealthier portion. Major buildings like city hall and parliament will be inward by the palace in a governmental district. Patience is a virtue and I’m slowly taking my time in building and expanding the city. I’ve posted before of the city but I’ve made major progress.

^ New major buildings have been made which are mansions and houses.

^Here we have another view of the ever expanding city. It’s not much , but it’s starting to look more and more like a rather large city. I suppose currently I’m building the a wealthier district of the city with its many large houses and mansions each occupied by different families who all have a story.

^ You can see the entrance to the palace from this location.  This district is a bit farther in ward where if you go further than the current mansion already completed on the edge, the palace will fade and vanish even with the highest visibility range on which I have it set on my iPad Air.

Once I get a pretty completion of the city, I’ll start work on the damp and dark jungle surrounding the city and start work on a castle and a small village surrounding this castle where a lord related to the Czar overlooks. I could POSSIBLY publish the current state to the community center, but I’m not sure. I’ll see but things are going smoothly. Currently finishing a small mansion turned orphanage. Maybe as a test to see if it does well within the community.

TarzanJungleAdventure V ii.

A new version of my TarzanJungleAdventure will soon join the community center.

I’ve revamped a majority of the story making it somewhat easier but still incredibly difficult as well.

Here are the improvements:

*A new torch pathway in the jungle towards Tarzan’s house.

*New instructions to find the key (switch/button) to open the Witch’s Castle

*Added several new buildings with some surprises

*Improved the town’s wall enclosing the town.

*Some tweaks here and there for the story line.

Here lies the link. Please comment any suggestions 😛

Enjoy your stay. You are not in Cerralia anymore 😉

MinecraftKingdom Beta 1 V ii aka Avornia

Progress on my Minecraft Kingdom update is going smoothly. I quickly finishing up the third city which will include a really small poor district, several rather large houses and a small Mansion :-). Other buildings include various restaurants and stores. I will post a blog comparing before and after of the progress I have completed vs what was already when I uploaded Minecraft Kingdom aka Arnovia “Kingdom”. Here are several shots of what I’ve finished already.

^ Here we have a view from the cannon I have on a little hill close to the Arnovia City States. As you can see, any familiar with my Kingdom can see new buildings have been built including an in progress mansion.

^ Here we have a bigger view and a better view of the new buildings. I have also built new buildings to the city of Narask.

After finishing Frycry which is the new city I’m building.
I will work on a smaller kingdom close to the Arnovia Kingdom, as some people know their is a bridge that leads to a forest which finishes at a somewhat circular lake with an island in the center. That is where the new Kingdom will be build. After that I will built a story for the game.
Stay tuned 🙂